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Rectangular Pool with modern landscape

Unique Infinity Pools for Your Las Vegas Backyard

Las Vegas is known for its extravagant and bold designs. One of the most popular pool designs at our Las Vegas Anthony & Sylvan location is the infinity pool.
Our team has created tons of unique designs for Las Vegas backyards. Find out which pool features go best with custom infinity pools for some backyard inspiration.

Bold & Unique Infinity Pools for Las Vegas

Water Feature Illusion

If you’re interested in creating a pool haven in your Las Vegas backyard, look no more. By creating a space that integrates beautiful water features with the vanishing edge of an infinity pool, you are making a serene, natural beauty that is visually striking to your visitors. This is definitely not a pool design they’ll forget.

Pool Decking Redesign

Anthony & Sylvan Pools has won awards for their Las Vegas pools. One of our award winning Las Vegas pool designs was a unique infinity pool that was level with the surrounding decking. It gave the backyard an edgy, contemporary look that is standard in Las Vegas. Paired with simple outdoor furniture, this decking redesign allows you to have a simple yet fashionable party center for your family and friends to enjoy.

Infinity Pool and Attached Vanishing Edge Spa

Achieve luxury with an infinity pool with an attached spa. With tons of spa options at Anthony & Sylvan, you can design vanishing edge spa that overflows into the pool with a simple waterfall. The infinity pool and spa design would give your pool an unending feature that is beautiful beneath the sun or under the stars.

Find Your Custom Las Vegas Infinity Pool with Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Ready to build your dream pool? Find your unique infinity pool with the Anthony & Sylvan Las Vegas pool builders. Our team is ready to help you design your pool today. Simply call 1-877-SAY-SWIM or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation.