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Stunning Las Vegas Free-Form Pool Designs

The freeform pool: it’s beautiful, natural shape has us thinking that it has always belonged in the location that it resides. Many people love the effortless shape of a freeform pool, no matter what the specific shape consists of. It is symbolic for many, providing the owner a state of ultimate relaxation. This notion is usually what happens when looking at art. Why shouldn’t it be the same for a pool? After all, your pool is a statement, just the same as a piece of artwork. In fact, we’d like to say that your pool is the artwork.

At Anthony & Sylvan, we are passionate about everything to do with all types of pools. We think that every pool shape and style is beautiful, but we must say, the freeform pool shape holds a special place in our hearts. We think that the shape alone is inspirational and reminds us of the natural world it exists in, such as an oasis of sorts.

Have a Small Space? The Freeform Pool is Perfect for You!

In fact, the freeform pool may even create an illusion of a larger space, allowing more versatility for how you utilize your backyard. The shape has inconsistencies in it just the same as something that is naturally occurring (think lake or pond), allowing it to trick the eye to think that it’s bigger than it actually is. We think of this as a great benefit for those who want to maximize the appearance of the space in their backyard without having to do so.

Las Vegas is Known for Modern Shapes like the Freeform Pool

If you want to get on board with what’s stylish in Las Vegas, then choosing a modern shape like the freeform pool is the way to go. We think this shape is modern and unique, especially since it strays away from the more traditional, angular lines of other pools. Even though so many pool owners in Las Vegas have chosen the freeform pool, that doesn’t mean that it strays from an inimitable aesthetic. In fact, you can make your freeform pool entirely unique to you, allowing you to have a one of a kind shape that is all your own!

Are You the Type of Person To Weigh Your Options?

We understand! Your pool is an investment that will last you a lifetime, and the shape of the pool is a big decision. We encourage you to explore our gallery of freeform pools to see what others have done. This way, you’ll get inspiration of whether the freeform pool is for you or not. If you have any questions about how we installed a certain shape or included certain features, feel free to ask us. Our design consultants are ready to help you in every step of your pool building journey, offering you the best pool shopping experience around.

Contact Anthony & Sylvan Pools in Las Vegas for Your Freeform Pool Today!

Whether you’re just getting started in your pool building journey, or if you are half way through your journey, we encourage you to contact us with any of your questions, concerns, or comments. We’re easily reached either by our online contact form or via phone at (877) 729-7946. Better yet, stop by and visit us at our Anthony & Sylvan Pools Las Vegas location! We look forward to helping you build the freeform pool of your dreams.