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Las Vegas’s Most Relaxing Round & Freeform Inground Pools

When you’re designing your inground pool, the first step you take is to choose the pool shape you’d like. Rounded, curved and freeform shaped pools offer a more relaxed, creative appearance, which more laidback homeowners tend to prefer as opposed to the more rigid lines of a geometric shape.

However, rounded, curved and freeform shaped pools are still able to be highly customized to satisfy the wants and needs of the homeowner.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools is Las Vegas’s premier pool builder with over 70 years of experience. We work with homeowners to design and build the pool of their dreams. Discover some of our favorite rounded, curved and freeform pools for relaxing in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Rounded Pool & Spa with Water Features

This striking curved pool is perfect for swimming, floating, or hosting exciting pool parties. Pillars integral to the design surround the pool giving it a classic, upscale feel. The raised spa sits above the pool with steps leading to it, and water pours down from the spa into the pool via a rounded spillway.


Laminar jets feed streaming arcs of water into a geometric waterway that also sits above the pool on another side. At the end of this waterway, a curtain of water falls peacefully into the swimming pool.

Peaceful Freeform Pool & Raised Spa with Spillway

This freeform pool is well-suited for light aerobic exercise, or just floating along quietly. Its asymmetrical shape offers plenty of poolside space for lounging or enjoying a meal poolside at the patio table.

The raised spa and the wall that runs alongside the pool feature travertine tiles as a veneer, which looks luxurious and organic at the same time.

This particular pool sits next to a raised wall. Beneath the wall, there is enclosed pool landscaping with ferns, shrubs and trees. The wall and the pool landscaping provide just the right amount of shade on impossibly sunny days.


Las Vegas Grotto Freeform Pool and Spa

The exterior wall of this pool is lined with faux rock elevations. A stone ledge also sits firmly above the raised spa producing a “Grotto” for the owner! A water curtain cascades down from it creating a private sanctuary where you can visualize yourself relaxing behind a real waterfall while still enjoying the spa.


This pool’s freeform shape and small size allow it to fit perfectly into this small backyard, and the rockscapes that surround it truly help it feel like you’ve discovered a secret swimming hole tucked away from the rest of the world.

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