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How to Enjoy Your Inground Pool Year Round

The hot desert sun makes having a pool an absolute must-have during the Las Vegas summer months, but are you and your family getting the most out of your inground pool during the rest of the year?

Make the most out of your inground pool investment and enjoy it year-round! Check out Anthony & Sylvan’s helpful tips for extending your swimming season and get ready to fall in love with your pool every month of the year.

Keeping Inground Pools Open in Autumn

As the weather begins to cool and the leaves turn your yard into a quilt of orange, red, and yellow, continue to enjoy your pool well into autumn with these simple tips.

It’s important to invest in quality leaf removal equipment to keep your pool maintenance to a minimum, leaving more time to relax and enjoy your pool. Make sure you have a leaf skimmer or leaf rake for easy removal of debris that may fall in your pool. If you have heavily-wooded landscaping, you will want to invest in a heavy-duty pool cleaner with a leaf trap that can clean out even the heaviest accumulations of leaves from the bottom and top of your pool.

You Can Still Enjoy Your Pool in Winter

Even in the desert, cold winter nights can plunge your pool water to uncomfortable temperatures that can hamper the enjoyment and use you get out of your investment. Make your pool comfortable even on the chilliest winter day by including a pool heater in your design or renovation plans.

Pool heaters can either be gas or electric powered and come in a range of price points to fit your budget and add months to your swimming season. In addition to the winter months, they are perfect for heating your pool for night swimming or early morning exercise all year round.

Spring Means Pool Spring Cleaning

When the flowers begin to bloom and a fresh breeze blows out the chill of winter, it’s time to gear back up for prime swimming season. Perform a spring cleaning on your backyard oasis with a thorough cleaning, inspecting your equipment and stocking up on chemicals for the next couple of months.

If your pool has developed unsightly stains or marks on its finish, a pumice stone or stain eraser is a great tool for returning it to a sparkling clean that’s ready to dive into.

Summer: The Best Time to Enjoy Your Inground Las Vegas Pool

The summertime, when temperatures are the highest, is the best time of year to enjoy the cool and refreshing joy of your inground swimming pool. Remember to keep the right tools, chemicals and equipment on hand to ensure you can enjoy your pool every single summer day.

Contact Your Local Design Center

No matter what season it is, the pool experts at your local Las Vegas Anthony & Sylvan Design Center have the knowledge and expertise to help you love and enjoy your pool year-round. Fill out our online contact form to learn more, or call us at (702) 736-1327 to get started.