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Innovative Swimming Pool Decks for Your Las Vegas Pool

Whether you dream of relaxing in a private oasis or entertaining in a modern luxurious setting, innovative swimming pool decks help set the tone of your entire Las Vegas backyard. The excellent pool deck selections at Anthony & Sylvan Pools can transform both new pools and long-enjoyed pools, improving the overall design aesthetic and adding safety features for all pool users.

Innovative Swimming Pool Decks for Every Backyard

No matter what kind of design you desire, there’s an innovative pool decking option that fits your aesthetic. Choosing the right material for your Las Vegas pool deck is critical; learn more about each innovative slip-resistant material below.

Non-Slip Spray Pool Decking

Spray decking, also known as ‘kool decking’, is a popular material used to enhance concrete decking. This overlay system allows endless design, color and texture possibilities, and is a great addition to any Las Vegas pool.

Spray overlay decking is low maintenance, with higher durability than regular concrete and it provides resistance to mildew and staining. Because of the way this material is designed, spray-on decking is cooler to the touch than traditional concrete, making it more comfortable for bare feet, even in direct sunlight.

This innovative decking material is slip-resistant, waterproof and economical – perfect for any backyard. Pool owners can add designs into the spray decking with stencils, featuring designs like cobblestone, brick, herringbone pattern, rosettes, flagstone and more.

Travertine Pool Pavers

Travertine is a top choice for Las Vegas pool owners looking for a natural and elegant design upgrade. This decking option is made of natural rock similar to limestone or marble, and is commonly used for flooring or countertops because of its durability and beautiful aesthetic.

Its non-slip surface is porous, reflecting heat rather than absorbing it, for decking that is cool to the touch. Pavers are also easily repairable, as they can be removed individually and retain their color over time, making replacement stones simple to match. Travertine pavers lend a natural, organic look to the backyard and are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Porcelain Pool Decking

Porcelain tile decking, similar to travertine pavers, is a beautiful, elegant decking option for modern inground swimming pools. New to the swimming pool industry, porcelain pavers are 3/4-inch thick and can integrate into any design style. These pavers imitate the appearance of wood, stone, marble, travertine and more to seamlessly flow with contemporary or natural design aesthetics.

Stamped Concrete Decking

Stamped concrete decking has been a longtime popular choice for local Las Vegas pool owners and around the nation. It is is slip-resistant and can integrate easily with concrete pools and coping.

Concrete decking can be stamped with design and colored to mesh with any design aesthetic, whether modern or natural.

Classic Brick Decking

Brick is a classic and beautiful pool decking option. Many families choose brick to blend seamlessly with their home’s exterior, and for its rich tones and slip-resistant surface.

Brick decking can be laid in intricate patterns for stylistic design and is perfect for pools with brick coping for a cohesive finish.

Natural Stone Decking

To integrate with the natural scenery, stone decking adds a rustic, organic touch to your Las Vegas backyard landscape. Because of the versatility of natural stones, that can easily be cut and shaped around other yard features like fire pits, outdoor kitchens or raised spas.

Stone pavers are slip-resistant and provide easy repair and maintenance. Because each paver is placed independently, it can easily be replaced if a crack occurs, without disturbing the surrounding decking.

Transform Your Las Vegas Backyard with Pool Decking from Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Update your Las Vegas yard with innovative swimming pool decks from Anthony & Sylvan Pools. Speak with a Design Consultant today to learn more about transforming your backyard space into a complete entertainment retreat.