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Anthony & Sylvan Design the Pool of Your Dreams in Las Vegas, Nevada

Anthony & Sylvan has been the choice pool builder for over 70 years now. During that time, we’ve built pools for over 350,000 people. Building pools is our passion and expertise, allowing us to better serve you with our vast experience,  knowledgeable pool tips and know-how !

If you’re looking to build a pool, you’ve come to the right place. With an extensive range of shapes and sizes, you can customize your pool exactly to your specific needs and wants. We have unlimited features that you can choose from, ranging from unique and long-lasting materials to eclectic lighting.

At Anthony & Sylvan, we want to help you build your pool to your exact specifications. To get a better understanding of what you want in a pool, we came up with 5 steps to help you design your dream pool.


The first step to consider when designing your pool is the location of your pool. Depending on what your surrounding areas are can influence the design of the pool. For example, if you’re near a lake, a pool with vanishing edges would give your pool a stunning effect. Maybe you want to embrace your natural surroundings. We can do that with stone accents in and around your poolscape to make your pool feel like it’s one with its environment.

Maybe you’re looking for a more sophisticated aesthetic, a popular option in the Las Vegas area. We have an unlimited amount of designs that you can choose from, no matter if you want sleek geometric shapes or a free-flowing design. There is no better way to enjoy your time outdoors in the Las Vegas heat than dipping your toes into a relaxing Anthony & Sylvan pool.


Your pool design is just as unique as you. We have everything from simple and rectangular to abstract and free-flowing. With an unlimited amount of custom shapes and materials, Anthony & Sylvan Pools are the pool builders that can give you the pool of your dreams.

Can’t decide what shape you would like your pool to be? No problem! Your Anthony & Sylvan pool design consultant can help you discover the perfect pool shape for you with innovative 3-D Design software to help you customize your dreams


The size of your pool is dependent on the location of your pool as well as the amount of swimming pool that you are willing to manage. Go as big or as small as you would like—there are no limits!


The accents that you choose for your pool allow you to further customize your pool and poolscape to your liking. With Anthony & Sylvan, everything is customizable to suit your specific taste. We cater to everyone with every possible pool need so that you can have the pool of your dreams.

There are also different types of materials that you can choose from. The finish of your pool is dependent on the material you choose. If you’re not sure which material you want, check out some of our resources and ask your Anthony & Sylvan design consultant any questions you may have. We’re here to help you every step of the way in your pool building journey.


Lastly, when choosing your pool builder to create the pool of your dreams, there are three items that must come into play. You want a safe pool that is dependable for a lifetime: safety, dependability, and longevity. Yes, that’s right—a pool has the potential to last a lifetime with great care. What better way to make sure that your pool lasts than Anthony & Sylvan’s lifetime structural warranty? Your pool is an investment that should last for years to come.

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